2014-2024: 10 years PHP.RUHR!

The PHP.RUHR web development community meets regularly to discuss the PHP programming language, modern frameworks such as Laravel and general web development topics. JavaScript libraries such as React and SQL databases are also an integral part of the discussions. The meetings provide a platform for developers to familiarise themselves with new technologies, share best practices and jointly develop solutions to challenges.

Participation is free of charge. Further information, dates and registration via our Meetup group.

Once a year, the PHP.RUHR web development conference is organised in Dortmund, which is known for both professional exchange and networking on a large scale. The conference attracts participants from all over the region and beyond and offers a variety of lectures, workshops and discussion panels. Renowned speakers from the industry share their knowledge and experience, while attendees have the opportunity to make valuable contacts and learn about the latest trends and developments in web development.

More information will be available here soon.